Todd Scattini

Todd is the CEO of Harvest 360, a Strategic Advisor for Aphaea Capital Investments, and the European representative of Charlotte’s Web Botanicals.

He is an unconventional U.S. Army combat veteran and an experienced, multi-lingual military diplomat with over thirteen years of service in Europe. He is a versatile, focused, and highly skilled professional on a mission to captivate the emerging cannabis industry and help facilitate international trade of cannabis technologies and all the wonders the plant has to offer.

He began his study of cannabis while serving as a senior adviser to the Commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. He discovered very quickly the roots of American and global prohibition and set out to make a change on an international level. He also quickly learned that the medical use of cannabis has specific military applications that should be fully explored and made available for all.

His goal is to connect the rapidly maturing North American cannabis industry with the budding European market through cooperation and leveraging strategic partnerships. He speaks Czech, French, German, and Serbo-Croatian.