Roei Zerahia

 VP of Operations & Finance, Canndoc ltd

Since joining Canndoc in 2012 as the company’s CFO, Roei has widened his reach and expertise and today is also in charge of Canndoc’s business development and acting as Canndoc’s POC for international collaborations.

With years of experience in the Agrotechnology world, Roei is leading Canndoc’s research projects, collaborating with the state of Israel, the Israeli Academy, and the private sector.

With a global understanding of the evolving cannabis arena, and as part of his agenda Roei lectures, localy and globally, on different aspects of the cannabis industry from cultivation to production costs and how to keep a very efficient production costs without compromising on professionalism.

Roei is also a well-decorated lecturer (staff member) of computer science and mathematics, teaching MA and BA students at one of Israel’s leading college of Engineering and Design.