Chad Cooke

With legalization just around the corner in Canada and still creeping its way through the United States, I collaborate with anyone that has a vested interest in safely and conveniently providing medical and recreational consumers with high quality, affordable cannabis. That means I work with start-up cannabis entrepreneurs, established cannabis brands, policy makers, various government branches, and consultancies that require subject matter experience and design guidance.


Canadian Centre for Medical Cannabis, 2011–2013

As the Manager of a Toronto compassion centre for patients, my duties included all aspects of operations, sales and membership services.


Various, 2000–2009

I led seminars and presentations for organizations including, but not limited to the MS Society, The Arthritis Society of Canada, the Canadian Association for Mental Health (CAMH), Epilepsy Canada, and law students at Osgoode Hall. I also provided consulting services to physicians, insurance companies, advertising and financial institutions, and fledgling medical marijuana businesses.


Toronto Compassion Centre, 2001–2009

As Director of Media and Public Relations of one of Toronto’s few compassion centers at the time, I represented it and its other operations (THC retail store, Vapour Central and Kindred Café lounges) in all media inquiries and requests, outreach and public speaking events.


Toronto Compassion Centre, 2001–2009

As Manager of one of Toronto’s original prototype dispensaries, I was responsible for all aspects of operations, including staff management, security arrangements, sales.


Toronto Compassion Centre, 2001–2009

As Membership Coordinator, I was responsible for registering new patients, verifying diagnoses through physicians, and clinic and cannabis orientation with all new members.


Private Consulting, 1999–Present

I have continually been active politically for more than two decades starting with work with Professor Alan Young of Osgoode Hall Law School at the University of Toronto.

This year I have been meeting with MP’S and MPP’S to offer information and consultation on the situation ‘on the ground’ with the cannabis consumer. I have also provided consultation on the direction legislation should go to provide the best possible access to cannabis while involving all stakeholders.